Twin Pack Premium Bird’s Nest Drink

2 bottles x 70ml


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Twin Pack Premium Bird’s Nest Drink

2 bottles x 70ml
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337 items sold

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A taste from nature! Edible bird’s nest that is believed to have plenty of health benefits. It is ready to drink and can be consumed by all ages of gender including pregnant women.

Made from 100% premium pure bird’s nest, 1g per bottle. It is completely natural and free of artificial colouring and preservatives. Less water and rich in nutrients. It comes with a subtle sweetness and lightness that is just as effective as a concentrated bird’s nest. It is not only improving your health in general but also helps to beautify your skin. 


Available in 5 flavors:

  • Honey Rock Sugar
  • French Rose 
  • Honey
  • Collagen 
  • Longan


This set includes 2 bottles of bird’s nest drink.


Healthier Skin, Improve Immune System, Outstanding nervous system, Eye Health and Blood, Relieve fatigue

How To Use

Best to be consumed on an empty stomach for a better result. 


You may also have it before or after a meal or anytime you want. 

Main Ingredients

Raw Bird Nest

100% pure bird nest.

RO Water

Purified water that doesn’t have any contaminants.


Antioxidants which helps to smooth throat and cough.

French Rose

Helps to boost immunity, reduce stress and regulate sleep patterns.


For anti-aging it helps to relieve joint pain, plump skin texture.


Helps to improve memory and energy boosters.

All Ingredients

Bird’s Nest Drink (Honey Rock Sugar): Raw Bird Nest, RO Water, Honey Rock Sugar. Bird’s Nest Drink (French Rose): Raw Bird Nest, French Rose Petal, RO Water, Rock Sugar. Bird’s Nest Drink (Honey): Raw Bird Nest, RO water, Honey. Bird’s Nest Drink (Collagen): Raw Bird Nest, RO water, Marine Collagen. Bird’s Nest Drink (Longan): 1g Raw Bird Nest, RO water, Longan.

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